Plant Manufacturing Process Automation System

  Date: 2013-10-02    click times: 1289  

  Continuous manufacturing automation is also known as process automation, which mainly refers to the automation of continuous manufacturing process in such industrial departments as represented by petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy and power supply. In other words, it aims to use such automatic technical tools as various testing instruments, regulating instruments, control devices and electronic computers to perform the automatic test, supervision and control of the whole manufacturing process for the purpose of fulfilling such objectives as realization of various optimal technical and economic indicators, improvement of economic benefit and working efficiency, energy saving, improvement of working conditions and protection for ecological environment.

     Most of modern plant automation system use TECP/IP network communication as the main approach for equipment communication. As a result of it, application of industrial Ethernet technologies in the system is becoming more and more extensive. Blast furnace automatic control system: it aims to form redundant ring network via the SW-Ring connection so as to use it as the communication platform for the control system. This system mainly aims to control the whole control technical flow of the blast furnace, which is mainly composed of milling, blowing and winch systems.