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Industries Communications wisdom to build the train 3onedata debut international rail exhibition

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June 14, 2016, Shanghai, China, the world’s leading provider of Internet solutions for industrial and domestic communication industry leading brand 3onedata wonderful debut Eleventh China International Rail Transit Exhibition.

As the Asia-Pacific region professional, authoritative and professional exhibition of urban rail transit railway field, the show attracted more than 200 enterprises from China, Germany, France, the United States, Japan and other 13 countries / regions participated, focused exhibition of urban rail transit vehicles, vehicle interiors and accessories, communication signal technology, traction power supply, infrastructure construction, rail transportation equipment and industrial chain products. 3onedata as rail transportation and communication systems solutions provider of professional, to bring a variety used in the railway industry networking and communications products communications solutions wonderful debut and became a highlight show.




3onedata Hall strong popularity, welcoming guests

Since 2006 3onedata into the rail industry has indeed witnessed the rapid development of China’s rail transportation market, also in this process and gradually grow into a pioneer in China’s railway transportation and communication technology innovation and applications. 10 years, 3onedata committed to emerging IP network communications technology used in the railway industry, through innovative industrial communication products for the rail PIS, CCTV, AFC, SCADA, TDCS systems bring reliable, safe and efficient IP communications solutions to high-quality products and reliable system solutions guarantee efficient and safe operation of rail transport, to promote rail transport digital, networked, intelligent level.


Industry manager for the customer to explain the subway car PIS system communication solutions


our client learn more about CCTV video surveillance system demonstration program

3onedata is China’s largest provider of embedded industrial communication module is rail vehicle monitoring system market share ranking first industrial communication leading brands. Currently, 3onedata has successfully served over 100 subway lines in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, more than 20 domestic cities, as well as the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Zhengzhou-Xi’an high-speed rail, more than 30 railways, high-speed rail, involving more than 300 rail Transit system project. While at the same time the rapid development of the domestic market, 3onedata also taking the pace of overseas markets, nearly 20 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Mumbai, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, Russia, Argentina and other countries, including the rail transport project to provide services throughout the Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, South America and around the world.

More than ten years of hard work, relying on the accumulation of industrial communications technology and rich experience in the railway industry, 3onedata has grown into a leader in the field of communications of rail transportation industry. Future, 3onedata will continue to focus on rail transportation industry, continuous innovation, the emerging IP technology and rail transit system application integration, provide a more stable, more reliable, more efficient communications products and solutions for the railway industry, safeguard rail efficient and safe operation, and constantly promote the development of rail transportation intelligent.

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