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“Beyond” 3onedata new conference wonderful review

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July 22, 2016 in the afternoon, “Beyond” 3onedata new conference was held at the company headquarters in Shenzhen multifunction hall. The conference is mainly released its self-developed design POE switch Gigabit Managed Switch, Gigabit Switch module, serial servers, the virtual port management software, such as number of new products.

3onedata focused on the communications industry for 16 years, always uphold the idea of excellence, research and innovation, 3onedata has accumulated so far developed and launched the 1,000 products. From the initial launch of the serial converter to switch modules lead the industry today, 3onedata are constantly surpass themselves, it is after a time constant beyond, only the achievements of 3onedata domestic communications industry leading brand position in the market. The launch of new products, technology leadership, quality, reliability, comprehensiveness and other aspects of the application have a major breakthrough, but also a historically important than 3onedata products.

Three major product lines 3onedata a schematic

Currently, 3onedata divided into IE Industrial Ethernet switch, DN device networking products and embedded Ethernet module EM three major product lines, covering the industrial Ethernet switches, embedded Ethernet module, MODBUS gateway, serial servers, CAN networked servers, media converter, interface converters, protocol converters, optically isolated lightning protection equipment and other products, can provide customers with one-stop solution for industrial communication.

R & D project manager introduce new ethernet switch

This major release has POE switches, Gigabit managed switches and Gigabit Switch module series switches three new products. It was the project manager for the new product’s performance parameters and application programs are introduced in detail, while the POE technology is briefly explained.

Among them, the release of all-Gigabit switch modules IEM715G-4D-2C with high integration, small size, feature-rich, ultra-low power consumption, easy to use and other advantages features, is to reach the highest level in the industry.

R & D project manager introduce new serial port server

This major release NP3008T-8DI (RS485), NP3008T-8DI (RS485), NP3016T-16DI (RS485), NP3016T-16DI (3IN1) and four new virtual serial port serial server management software VSP 3.0. The conference also details the advantages 3onedata serial server features new products and application scenarios.

The virtual port management software is an upgraded version VSP2.11 VSP3.0, but in software architecture, customized integration, software performance, the software interface / expansion and other aspects have been greatly improved, while support for 32 / 64BIT version , enables centralized device management, virtual serial port, serial port monitoring and WEB configuration management and other functions. VSP3.0 better compatibility, better stability, better real-time, maintenance faster, can greatly enhance the efficiency of network management.

3onedata security products in multiple industries, electric power, transportation, new energy, industrial, etc. have a wide range of applications, from the perspective of the industry market, the new POE, Gigabit products with advanced functions and features, ideal for industry market definition, development needs intelligent, and serial device server supports multiple operating modes to provide more convenient communication solutions for a variety of networking equipment, application of new products has obvious advantages in the industry market.

3onedata general manager Mr.xiong summarizing statement

3onedata industrial Ethernet products for the development direction of the body will not change, from the establishment of R & D centers 3onedata can be seen, the company attaches great importance to the development of innovative products, I believe 3onedata products will be better and better, We hope more employees, customers, together with 3onedata, innovation beyond, to embrace the future!

“Continue to innovate and beyond”

3onedata driving force for sustainable development

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