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RMA Service

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3onedata provides maintenance and repair services for both warranty and out-of-warranty products. RMA items to be repaired or replaced will be defined in the following procedures.

RMA Service

3onedata RMA Service

3onedata provides maintenance and repair services for both warranty and out-of-warranty products. RMA items to be repaired or replaced will be defined in the following procedures.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Flow Chart

Raise the RMA Request and Send it to an 3onedata Contact Window 

Ø The customers have to complete the RMA request form and submit to an 3onedata contact window. The statement of item malfunction should be as detailed as possible.

Ø Whenever 3onedata contact window receive the RMA form, we would evaluate the problem and, if necessary, provide a RMA number and returned address for repairing. Please do not return any hardware back to 3onedata without a valid and authorized RMA number.

Ø RMA number is valid in 30 days after the application.

Ø When sending the defective units back to 3onedata, please include clearly the RMA number in the box, and also attach one copy on the packing box. Next, please inform 3onedata before shipping. (Fax or e-mail your invoice and packing list of the RMA). If the RMA packages was returned without a RMA number, it would be refused at 3onedata sole discretion.

Ø Products must be returned in an adequate condition with proper packaging and shipping materials (must adhere to ESD safety precautions, if applicable) to avoid damage from delivery. 3onedata is not responsible for any damage by inappropriate packing defects.

Ø RMA only repairs the defective units not include any accessories. If you believe the accessories may be part of the problem, please indicate clearly in our request. Otherwise, RMA will not be able to guarantee that your accessories will be returned.

Verify Warranty Eligibility and Service Fee Charged Policy 

3onedata will check the serial number of device itself and see if they are under 3onedata warranty, below are the processes and questions you may probably have.

Ø If the returned product is out of warranty, 3onedata will send a proforma invoice at an estimated cost of repaired devices to wait for approval from customer before reparing. Product damaged by environmental factors would also be charged.

Ø If the returned product is under 3onedata warranty, we would inspect the defect device and evaluate its status to repaire or replace the needed items. All of service will be determined by 3onedata RMA Team or please refer to your regular contact window at 3onedata.

When will I Receive My Returned RMA Items? 

3onedata will do reasonable efforts to ship a replacement/repaired part within 10-15 working days after our notification. The actual delivery time may vary from a couple days depending on customer location.

RMA report will be shipped along with the repaired items. Action taken report will be included on document.

Shipping Cost of RMA Units 

3onedata will cover requested cost of returned item if the defeated item is still within warranty period.  Repaired items will be returned by priority mail. You may request a private shipping service such as UPS or DHL, but you will be responsible for any additional costs. If you require any special shipping arrangements, please indicate this clearly when shipping your item to 3onedata.   In addition, you have to responsible for two-way shipment charges after the warranty period of the item has expired.

Shipping charge calculation method

Warranty Period Customer sent to 3onedata 3onedata return to customer
IN warranty Customer 3onedata
OUT warranty Customer Customer
DOA 3onedata 3onedata


3onedata RMA Service

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