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Designed for Rail Transit–EN50155 series industrial Ethernet switches

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Urban rail transit system as the principal part of future urban traffic has a large carrying capacity, running on time, fast running speed, low tariff, no pollution, and a series of superior characteristics. With the development of Chinese economy, the speeding up of urbanization, the rapid development of urban traffic reasonably, especially rail transit has gradually become the key of the major large and medium-sized cities to solve the traffic problems.

In order to further meet and guarantee the needs of rail transit industry network communication, 3onedata has launched EN50155 series industrial Ethernet switch specially researched and designed for rail transit industry- layer 3 managed industrial POE switches TNS5812-4GT-8POE and layer 2 managed industrial POE switches TNS5512-4GT-8POE.

This series of products fully meet the requirements of rail transit industry EN50155 standards, support 12 M12 Ethernet ports, effectively guarantee the sealing and firmness of port connections, especially suitable for strong vibration and shock application scenarios, which can be widely used in automotive PIS, CCTV, video monitoring system, train control system, can provide a stable, efficient and reliable communication solution for train automation system.

3onedata EN50155 series industrial Ethernet switches is highly favored by industry users for its stable excellent performance and price advantage , has been fully applied to all over the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen metro trains PIS system. It also won the CRTS selection of  “2015 China rail transit industry top ten industrial Ethernet switches”, 2015-2016 14th annual selection of automation “innovation award” and many other industry awards.

Layer 3 managed industrial POE switches TNS5812-4GT-8POE

The 14th annual selection of automation “innovation award”

Product introduction

TNS5812-4GT-8POE is a layer 3 managed industrial POE switch designed for rail transit industry. The product can support 12 M12 Ethernet ports, including 8 100M POE ports and 4 gigabit uplink ports. Each PoE port can directly provide 15.4W power maximum, suitable for difficult to provide AC power or high wiring cost application scenarios. Product adopt fanless, industrial design, support wall-mounted installation, -40 ~ 75 ℃ operating temperature range, IP50 protection grade, can meet the industrial equipment performance requirements for dustproof and waterproof, as well as EN50155 railway industry standards; Meanwhile, the switch supports layer 3 routing functions and rich Layer 2 software features such as VLAN, multicast, Qos, fast redundant ring etc. Especially suitable for industrial applications which have harsh requirements for shock and vibration, EMC compatibility , to meet the requirements of various industrial field and achieve a higher reliability.

Product features

Support the IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3 u, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.3ats, IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.1p, IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.1w, IEEE802.1x standards

Support 12 M12 Ethernet ports(8 100M ports support POE function, 4 gigabit ports)

Support M12 connector, accord with EN50155 industry standards

Support IEEE802.3af standard, each PoE port can provide 15.4W maximum power

Support IPv4 / IPv6 double stack and static routing setting, IPv6 support bidirectional forwarding detection mechanism

Support VRRP v1/v2/v3 virtual redundant routing protocol, RIP v1/v2 and OSPF v1/v2/v3

Support static multicast routing, PIM – SM multicast protocol, routing control and so on

Support SW-Ring, MSTP/RSTP/STP protocol

Support static multicast filtering, GMRP, IGMP Snooping

Support based on port , IEEE802.3Q and MAC address vlans

Support ports flow control, port mirror, port trunking and storm suppression

Support the ALC access control, LLDP link QOS services, etc

Support DOS defense, 802.1 X authentication, network diagnosis, log, etc

Support CLI command, Telnet configuration, SNMP, WEB management, etc

Support redundant 66~160VDC power inputs

Fanless, industrial grade design,  -40 ~ 75 ℃ working temperature

IP50 protection, metal shell, wall-mounted installation

Product application

TNS5812-4GT-8POE used in subway on-board PIS system topology

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