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[Decryption] “2016 ITS Expo Golden Lion Award” Product

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From 2016 5th Shenzhen International Intelligent Transportation Fair to satellite navigation and location-based services (referred to as “Intelligent Transportation Shenzhen Exhibition”) has concluded in the past more than 10 days, for the exhibition of more than 6000 kinds of advanced intelligent transportation technologies and products.You have to know those products of concern? Today, we came to you about a concern at the show, and won the “2016 ITS Expo Golden Lion Award” product – 3onedata Gigabit Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch–IES7112G-4GS.


IES7112G-4GS is 3onedata independently developed a plug and play, high-performance, cost-effective Gigabit managed switch. It supports 8 10/100 / 1000Mbps Ethernet ports and four Gigabit SFP optical interfaces to provide VLAN, port aggregation, QOS, rate control, IGMP and online firmware upgrades and many other advanced management features. At the same time, using a self-developed SW-RingTM ring technology, increasing the stability of the system and network bandwidth, to provide low-latency network for industrial, high-bandwidth data transmission, for intelligent transportation, safe city, wisdom, security and other industries network systems to provide safe, reliable and efficient communications solutions, is the ideal choice to obtain critical data, security monitoring, video surveillance systems.

IES7112G-4GS switches have the following characteristics:

1.Industrial design

Product fanless, low power consumption of four industry standard design, EMC-compliant by the FCC Part 15, CISPR (EN55022) class A, EMI, EMS, IEC certifications, IP40 grade protection, -40 ~ 75 ℃ operating temperature, can adapt to harsh working environment, to meet the various needs of the industrial scene.

2.SW-Ring Ring Network patented technology

Using a self-developed 3onedata SW-Ring Ring redundancy patented technology, fault recovery time <20ms,It provides network system with a faster link failure recovery time and greater stability; no master structure designed to support a variety of ring redundancy structure, flexible and diverse forms of networking.

3.redundant power supply design

2-way 12VDC (fluctuation range of -25% to 50%) power input, 1 relay fault alarm output, power supply also supports built-in overcurrent protection of 4.0A. When a power failure all the way, can seamlessly switch to the reliability and stability of the other way power, greatly improve the system.

  1. Smart management features

Product Support IGMP Snooping, RSTP, SNMP, 802.1Q VLAN, QOS, port trunking, port mirroring and other advanced intelligent management capabilities, can port data frame analysis of statistical processing; supports Web, Telnet management capabilities, visualization interface configuration operation more convenient, user-friendly and intuitive to easily manage the network.

5.Security management mechanism

Providing HTTP / HTTPS authentication security features and TCP access direction control, appears effective against the current LAN security issues to ensure network security.

3onedata IES7112G-4GS Industrial Ethernet switches since listing, by the majority of customers of all ages. At present, this product has been successfully applied in many cities Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong,, Shanxi, Chongqing, Anhui, Guangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan and other intelligent transportation, safe city projects. This award is for the best product 3onedata affirmed and recognized.

Future, 3onedata will continue adhering to the mission “make network communication more reliable” , always adhere to independent innovation for the industry to continue to build a more secure, reliable and efficient industrial communications products, to contribute to the progress of the industry.

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