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Đề xuất giám sát video không dây cho ngành công nghiệp nặng

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Đề xuất giám sát video không dây cho ngành công nghiệp nặng

With the social development, heavy industry sites have been having complicated conditions and deepening information construction, so their construction safety is attracting increasingly more attention and their means of centralized management and production are changing from scientific means to networks and computers gradually. This heavy industry video monitoring system (System) is designed in accordance with the complicated conditions of heavy industry sites, etc. The system with functions such as monitoring and alarming for the operation parameters of key equipment may be installed on heavy industry sites to realize whole-process, overall and real-time monitoring for their construction processes and key positions such as entrances, exits, tower cranes and working faces and remote monitoring for their production processes and material safety. In this way, the system guarantees construction safety, improves construction levels, realizes the effective monitoring by related authorities, speeds up the response to diversified emergencies and effectively protects the properties of factories and the safety of factory staff.
The communication system in this project mainly includes PLC control and video monitoring. The gantry crane wireless monitoring system is composed of seven parts, i.e. monitoring room, office, BTC32T gantry crane, 900T gantry crane, 250T gantry crane and two tower cranes (1# and 2#), which realize data communication through wireless bridges. Our switches are connected to the video data of winder cameras and ball type cameras and each camera connection area is provided with a video recorder and a display in the related monitoring room to realize local monitoring. The video monitoring data at each monitoring point is transmitted to the central monitoring room step by step via the wireless bridge in the corresponding area to monitor the whole System. Besides, the 900T gantry crane areas, the 250T gantry cranes and the two tower cranes (1# and 2#) are connected with PLCs to control the corresponding equipment; some areas are connected with the host computer of the user to monitor the heavy industry site.
System requirements
Resistance to dust, moisture, explosion, lightning, low temperature, high temperature, corrosion, interference, etc.;
Alarm linkage;
Storage and transmission of pictures and high-definition playback of video images;
Optical-fiber or wireless signal transmission for meeting the requirement for long-distance, efficient and anti-interference transmission;
Network platform management, real-time monitoring and centralized management of data and remote monitoring and operation through networks;
Full consideration of the future development needs or, in other words, reservation of a margin for capacity expansion and upgrading, in design;
Energy saving and environment-friendliness: low power consumption because of the limited mode of power supply
Picture of the site

900T Gantry Crane


Monitoring Room for 900T Gantry Crane Testing and Monitoring System

Devices in the Monitoring Room

Application of Devices on the Site

Diagram of the proposal
Introduction to the proposal
The proposal is mainly designed based on our industrial Ethernet switches. The network is a tree type communication network. Devices are arranged by area and all the data need to be uploaded to the far central monitoring room, so wireless network communication is adopted between areas. Most of data access points use our IES608 100Mbps switches; some other use our ES208G and IES206G-2GS full-1000Mbps switches; the main transmission path uses IES7110-2GS and ES208G 1000Mbps or full-1000Mbps switches. In the system, two parts of the 900T gantry crane (rigid legs and flexible legs) are far from each other, so optical fiber is used as their data transmission medium and the corresponding transmission device is an IES7110-2GS switch, solving the disadvantages of short-distance transmission by twisted pairs.
The system uses both 100Mbps-port switches and 1000Mbps-port switches, providing sufficient bandwidths for itself and enough ports for the data access of multiple services. It realizes wireless video monitoring and remote centralized management and control for tower cranes and real-time acquisition and exchange for data, providing a better technical guarantee for the security protection and efficient management of enterprises.
Advantages of the proposal
Applicability to all related needs of industrial places because of its industrial design, high EMC and wide range of operating temperature;
Highly manageable background operation of software equipment, providing support for diversified network management functions;
Real-time exchange and transmission of video data because of a high transmission bandwidth;
Support for fault alarms, making transmission reliable;
Optical-fiber long-distance (up to 120 km) transmission and a highly stable transmission network
Product introduction
 ES208G switch is an unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch supporting eight 10/100/1000M Ethernet RJ45 ports and a DC power (12~48V) input. It complies with related FCC and CE standards. It has no fan but a low power consumption, a protection grade of IP40 and a corrugated high-strength metal shell, so it is more stable in operation. Thanks to its operating temperature from -25℃ to 70℃, it can meet the needs of diversified industrial occasions and provide reliable and convenient access solutions for your Ethernet devices.
Main features
◎Support for the patented SW-Ring redundancy technology, realizing a network fault recovery time shorter than 20 ms;
◎Support for IEEE802.1Q VLAN setting, controlling the broadcast domain effectively;
◎Support for IEEE802.1p_QOS;
◎Support for IGMP static multicast, port convergence, port mirroring, etc.;
◎Support for WEB port setting, making management easy;
◎Compliance with the design requirements of industrial level 4
Product features
IES206G-2GS switch is an unmanaged industrial 1000 Mbps Ethernet switch supporting four 10/100/1000M 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000 Base-TX electrical ports and two 1000Base-X SFP optical ports. It has no fan but low power consumption, so it is more stable in operation. It complies with related FCC and CE standards and the industrial design requirements. Thanks to its operating temperature from -40℃ to 75℃, it can meet the needs of diversified industrial occasions and provide reliable and economical solutions for your Ethernet devices.
Main features
◎Support for the patented SW-Ring redundancy technology and multiple ring network structures, realizing a network fault recovery time shorter than 20 ms;
◎Support for IGMP intercepting, RSTP, SNMP, 802.1Q VLAN, QOS, port convergence, port mirroring, etc.;
◎Support for Web management and Telnet management;
◎Support for statistics for port data racks;
◎Support for alarms against abnormalities;
◎Support for automatic learning and aging of MAC addresses;
◎Support for two power inputs and one alarm output
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