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Chia sẻ sơ đồ hệ thống giám sát phòng cháy chữa cháy đường hầm tiện ích

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Chia sẻ sơ đồ hệ thống giám sát phòng cháy chữa cháy đường hầm tiện ích

Shuanghe Lake Centre Park

Project Context
A utility tunnel, utility corridor, or utilidor is a passage built underground or above ground to carry utility lines such as electricity, steam, water supply pipes, and sewer pipes. Communications utilities like fiber optics, cable television, and telephone cables are also sometimes carried.The utility tunnel bears the functions of city information transmission, energy transmission, drainage and mitigation, waste discharge and abandonment, and is an important infrastructure that the city relies on for survival and development.
As an important supporting infrastructure of Zhengzhou, Shuanghe lake central park is built with the concept of sponge city that develop both above ground and underground. The underground space is divided into four sections: underground commercial space, underground public garage, underground liaison road and utility tunnel, with a total construction area of about 310,000 square meters. The overall length of the utility tunnel is planned to be 6.1 kilometers, which is incorporated into the water supply pipe, power cable, communication cable, heating pipe and other facilities.
Project Requirements
1. The device deployment of utility tunnel is very complex, the fire control system requires the host to collect the fire extension data in each area, and ensure the relevance and integrity of the collected data and the real-time linkage with the monitoring center.
2. In case of an emergency, the communication network will automatically switch the standby link, and the switching time is less than 20ms. The adaptive network bandwidth help to realize real-time and efficient transmission of fire parameters such as temperature, humidity and fire in utility tunnel.
3. With high humidity and strong corrosivity, the communication equipment must be dustproof, anti-seismic and anti-corrosion to reduce the loss of equipment caused by extreme circumstances.
3onedata’s Solution
Starting from the overall situation, following the fire control principle of the urban integrated utility tunnel, 3onedata has customized an integrated communication solution for this project.
The entire communication network adopts din-rail switch and CAN networking server for networking, and adopts the UDP “one master and multiple slave” working mode to realize the reception of the fire host to the slave data and the issuance of corresponding commands to ensure the stable transmission of all monitoring data.

Utility Tunnel Firefighting Monitoring System Communication Scheme


3onedata utility tunnel firefighting monitoring system communication scheme realizes the all-round monitoring of the utility tunnel. The monitoring center and fire department can learn the on-site situation in time and maximize the monitoring effect of the fire control system.
Solution Effect
1. The internal structure of the utility tunnel is complex and the distance is far, optical fiber is used for transmission to realize the long-distance, efficient and anti-interference transmission of the network and ensure the reliable operation of the communication system.
2. The solution integrates the unique SW-Ring network redundancy technology, supports alarm output, can quickly detect and eliminate network failures, prevent business loss, and ensure the stable transmission of all monitoring data.
3. The industrial grade Ethernet switch adopted in the scheme has port image, SNMP and other functions, supports online debugging and monitoring of network data, the visual management helps improve operation and maintenance efficiency.
4. The communication equipment used in the project are all industrial-grade products, which have strong EMC electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, can adapt to the extreme industrial environment, and fully meet the communication requirements of the integrated fire control system in the utility tunnel.

Application Spot

Applied Products

8-port Managed Din-rail Industrial Ethernet Switch
This switch adopts fan free design and is equipped with corrugated high-strength metal case, dustproof and anti-seismic. Powerful MAC address filtering and port bandwidth limitation; Support failure warning; With WEB Telnet CLI intelligent management, provides the utility tunnel fire monitoring system a highly reliable communication network.
2-port CAN Networking Server 
This CAN server is equipped with a high-speed 32-bit processor, integrated with 2-port CAN-bus interface and 1-port Ethernet interface. It supports multiple modes such as TCP Sever mode, Client mode and UDP mode. It also support flexible CAN interface data frame setting, meet user’s various subcontracting requirements. It is easy to complete the interconnection between can-bus network and Ethernet network and further expand the scope of can-bus network.
In accordance with the practical needs of customers and integrated with the concept of green ecology and intelligent communication, 3onedata has developed a reliable, efficient and stable communication solution for fire control system, which further improves the core carrying capacity of the utility tunnel and helps the utility tunnel of shuanghe lake central park to play its role as a sponge in urban construction.
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