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Hệ thống giám sát thiết bị cơ điện đường sắt

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Hệ thống giám sát thiết bị cơ điện đường sắt

With rapid development of railway transportation system and continuous improvement of people’s living standard, both working personnel and passengers are beginning to put forward higher requirements for traffic, travel, work, rest and safety. To satisfy people’s demands, improve the safe production and modern management levels of the railway enterprises and fulfill the objective of energy conservation and consumption reduction, critical buildings along the railway such as station, long tunnel, bridge, motor train sector and office building as well as various electromechanical equipments such as electric and illuminating equipments, water supply and drainage system, air conditioner, escalator and EPS must adopt advanced computer, control and communication technologies to realize the automatic monitoring and control management for the purpose of saving energies and manpower and improving the safety and management level.


Monitoring range of railway electromechanical monitoring system is stated as follows:

(1)Central Air Conditioning System                      (2)Water Supply and Drainage Monitoring System

(3)Air Processing System                                   (4)Power Supply and Distribution Monitoring System

(5)Fresh Air Vent System                                   (6) Illumination Control System

(7) Air Feeding and Ventilation System                (8) Escalator Monitoring System



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