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Hệ thống PIS gắn trên tàu cho tuyến 3 và tuyến 4 của tàu điện ngầm Thượng Hải

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Hệ thống PIS gắn trên tàu cho tuyến 3 và tuyến 4 của tàu điện ngầm Thượng Hải

System Requirement

PIS, Passenger Information System , is a subway system for passengers to provide various types of information services. PIS relies on the multi-media network technology, takes the computer system as the core, and provides the information service to the passenger by the station and the vehicle-mounted display terminal as the medium.
To provide a stable and reliable services to passengers, the equipment used on-board must meet bellow requirements:
Ø Support dust, shock, lightning protection, and have anti-interference ability;
Ø Support action with alarm;
Ø Supports M12 shockproof interface;
Ø Supports broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast packet suppression;
Ø Wide working temperature -40~75℃, can work properly under harsh on-board closed environment that with high temperature;
Ø Support high EMC performance: cause the on-board closed environment, it have serious interference, PCB should use 4 layers board with some necessary protective devices, the EFT and surge protection should meet industrial grade level 3, ESD protection of signal should meet industrial grade level 4;
Ø The system design should fully consider the future development needs, the system should have prepared capacity expansion and the possibility of upgrading;
Ø Power supply is limited because the on-board environment, equipment should support low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection;
Ø Comply with EN50155 testing standard;
Ø Support 500V withstand voltage;
Ø Support MTBF>300000H;

3onedata Solution

Solution Introduction

The PIS system is a thorough, efficient and cost-effective multimedia and video surveillance network system. It used embedded integrated design, with high integration, easy to installation and maintenance. Communication units were designed as plug-in board, the backboard manage and power supply uniformly. Voice broadcast, CCTV and other passenger information transmitted to the main control room through the switches. Stations and cars can realize intercommunication completely.

The system integrates the advantage of wireless network and Internet, supports efficient conversion between cable and wireless, and reliable communication between on-board network and the Internet, it has realized a breakthrough development in the space and distance.

With robust switches of 3onedata , system have good performance, very stable when real-time video distributed, no block, no err code, switching time ˂ 30ms, video play synchronous in train and station, cache delay ˂ 5s, the wireless bandwidth between train and station can reach 5 times to the video stream, ensuring the high quality of definition image.

All on-board devices are equiped with aerial power supply and M12 Ethernet interface, on-board and track-side devices can meet the railway industry waterproof and dust-proof requirements, all the switches and AP comply with EN50155 standard.

Using this PIS solution integrated whole train camera deployed CCTV, command center can get no dead angle remote monitoring to the inside and outside of train, through real-time scheduling the on-board and track-side camera monitoring screen. Moreover, it supports internet expansion interface, and provides the possibility of future value-added operations for metro.


Ø Industrial design, strong EMC, wide working temperature, meet various complicated industry application site;
Ø Back-office software has good manageability, support a variety of network management functions;
Ø High transmission bandwidth to ensure real-time video data exchange and forward;
Ø Support fault alarm ,  realize reliable transmission;
Ø Support port aggregation, prevent the video play block and err;
Ø Support hardware bypass, prevent one switch power down result in other switches communication interrupt.

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Key Products

RS6113  13*10Base-T/100Base-TX customized railway-special managed switch
RS6108  8*10Base-T/100Base-TX customized railway-special managed switch
Ø Support 13/8*10Base-T/100Base-TX
Ø Support Hardware Bypass
Ø Support port trunking
Ø Supports broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast packet suppression
Ø Low consumption and no-fan design, full-load consumption ≦15W
Ø Comply with EN50155 standard
Ø Support redundant ring patented technology SW-ring, recovery time <20ms
Ø Support port IP binding, IP address distribution function
Ø Support WEB, SNMP and Telnet configuration
Ø Support a key configuration
Ø Support wide working temperature -40~75℃
Ø Support high EMC performance:
Ø EMI: FCC Part 15, CISPR (EN55022) class A
Ø EMS: EN61000-4-2 (ESD), Level 4
Ø EN61000-4-4 (EFT), Level 3
Ø EN61000-4-5 (Surge), Level 3
Ø Shock: IEC 60068-2-27
Ø Free fall: IEC 60068-2-32
Ø Vibration: IEC 60068-2-6

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