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Hệ thống vi điện tử lọc không khí trong nhà

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Hệ thống vi điện tử lọc không khí trong nhà
Air purification is important for LCD production industries or clean room because any minor contaminants might halt the manufacturing operations. Here, FFU, a product integrated with both US’s HV made high efficiency air filter and German EBM motor, has been widely used to provide the best air quality in these industries. In the production process of the LCD panel, the unclean air may kill the TFT/LCD production in the cradle. Liquid crystal flat panel display industry started in the development of the aviation industry, clean room technology, in a polluted environment, the device will cause many problems.
Project requirements
This project needs to be used to provide a series of stable and reliable industrial grade communication products, used to detect the real-time operation of the wind turbine FFU state, to ensure the normal operation of the field equipment, indoor air quality and reliable.
Real-time monitoring;
Serial device node more;
Communication distance node is far;
Electromagnetic interference;
Equipment environment is complex;
System Diagram
Scheme introduction
This scheme is based on the device access layer using the serial device server and unmanaged industrial Ethernet DIN-Rail switch IES215 to collect information。Serial device server NP308T-8DI (RS-485) provides 8 RS-485 serial port, each interface through the RS-485 BUS, connect 32 way FFU device, every four units, namely 4 NP308T connected to a IES215 above. Convergence layer uses the unmanaged industrial Ethernet rackmount switch IES1024 to gather data, access the monitoring room, to achieve real-time monitoring and control of the entire system.
Scheme advantage
The switch uses industrial grade design, no fan, low power consumption, support for -40~75℃ working temperature, metal shell, IP30 protection class.
Support a variety of installation methods.
Good anti electromagnetic interference ability.
·Support 24 port 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet
·Support IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, store and forward
·Support Ethernet 10/100M self-adaption
·Support 8K MAC address
·Plug-and-play , auto MDI/MDI-X connection
·Working temperature -40~75℃
·IP30, rugged high-strength metal case
·19-inch rack mounting
·Support 5 port 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet
·Support IEEE802.3/802.3u store and forward
·Support Ethernet 10/100M self-adaption
·12~48VDC wide voltage power supply input
·No fan, low consumption design, -40~75℃ working temperature
·IP40 protection, high strength metal shell, DIN rail mount
·Support 10/100M Ethernet port
·Support 8 Port RS-485/422
·Support 10/100M, half/full duplex, MDI/MDI-X
·Support WEB and Telnet configuration
·Support TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP and DNS protocol
·Support TCP Server, TCP Client, TCP Auto, UDP and Real COM driver working mode
·Industrial grade design, IP30 protection grade
·No fan, low consumption design
·Working temperature: -40~75℃
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