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Chia sẻ trường hợp hệ thống cổng thông minh của nhà ga trung tâm container đường sắt

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Chia sẻ trường hợp hệ thống cổng thông minh của nhà ga trung tâm container đường sắt

Zhengzhou Railway Container Central Station Entry

Project Context

The total investment of Zhengzhou Railway Container Central Station is 460 million CNY, and it covers an area of 192 acres. It is designed again to meet the development of modern logistics. With advanced technology and equipment and storage facilities, its daily whole-column-loading-and-unloading quantity can reach 1000TEU (Twenty feet Equivalent Unit), it is the container railway distribution center and railway line. The station is equipped with perfect information management system to realize the integrated functions of port such as logistics supporting services, import and export declaration and customs inspection.

Project Requirements

1.Zhengzhou is located in the south of north China plain, there are 124 rivers in Zhengzhou. It has a humid climate and it is cold in winter. Communication equipment needs to be equipped with industrial features such as dust and humidity, high and low temperature resistance, anti-interference and strong protection.

2.Zhengzhou is the only double cross center in China’s ordinary railway and high-speed railway network, which is in the electromagnetic field of a certain intensity, the applied communication equipments need to have strong anti-interference ability.

3.The traffic of Zhengzhou railway container central station is very heavy, the intelligent gate system needs to collect data such as container number and electronic loadometer, which needs network support with strong real-time performance and high stability.

4.The intelligent gate system has a large number of deployed equipment with dispersed locations and a large number of network nodes, which puts forward high requirements on transmission distance and reliability. Clients can manage the equipment centrally through the network management software.

Project Site Picture

3onedata’s Solution

3onedata provides integrated industrial communication solutions to meet the above requirements. Two high-performance serial port Ethernet servers are used in this project to collect real-time data such as container number, RFID electronic license plate and electronic loadometer. The plan adopts the star networking architecture, which realizes the real-time monitoring of the traffic data of five lanes, optimizes the vehicle braking time, and saves a lot of manpower and material resources.


This scheme meets the requirements of operating temperature, protection intensity and management capacity on site, and establishes a stable, safe and efficient communication network for customers.

Solution Effect

1.Industrial Grade Protection

The two serial port servers both adopt no-fan design, support -40-75℃ wide working temperature and Industrial IP40 protection, and meet EMC standards. They also have strong anti-interference capability, realize communication network long distance transmission.

2.Diversification Mode

The two serial port servers in this project have multiple working modes such as TCP Sever, TCP Client and UDP. Under UDP  working mode, it can realize one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many communication and improve the reliability and stability of the network.

3.Intelligent Monitoring

3onedata’s serial port networking servers support to check the serial port data, detect the network status, and quickly find the problem, facilitate maintenance personnel to troubleshoot, and guarantee the network security and efficient operation.

4.Visual Management

The project is equipped with VSP Manager management software independently developed by 3onedata, with intuitive web management interface, it can monitor the operation of the equipment remotely and facilitate the centralized management of dispersed serial port equipment through the network.

Applied Products


2-port RS-232 Serial Device Server

1. With two ports RS-232(RS-232 : RJ45 interface) and one port 10/100  Base-TX internet interface.

2. Provide administrative configuration tool based on Windows platform, all settings can be implemented through the Web or Telnet.

3. EMC protection design, the power supply is overcurrent protected and overvoltage protected, adapt to – 40 ~ 75 ℃ wide temperature operation.

4. Support through-gateway and through-routing communication, useres can configure IP address, server and client modes flexibly.


8-port RS-485/422 Serial Device Server

1. The built-in 32-bit ARM processor adopts no fan design, has low power consumption and high performance.

2. Support RealCom, TCP Server/Client, UDP Server/Client and other working modes.

3. Virtual access is supported and data acquisition and device control can be achieved by accessing the virtual serial port.

4. The product integrates the flexible design concept and supports two kinds of wall mounting methods.


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