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Làm thế nào để nhận ra thông tin liên lạc thông minh của trạm thu phí đường cao tốc?

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Làm thế nào để nhận ra thông tin liên lạc thông minh của trạm thu phí đường cao tốc

Tongsan Expressway Toll Station

Project Context

The Tongsan Expressway starts from Shanghai Anting Interchange, crosses Qingpu District, Songjiang District and Jinshan District south, and stops at Xinnong Town in Jinshan District. This section is economically developed, densely populated, and the traffic is very heavy.


The video monitoring and charging system and voice intercom system of the toll stations along the way are serious aged, the transmission rate is no longer able to meet the current business requirements, seriously affecting the normal operation of the business. The old equipment in the station needs to be reformed and upgraded urgently. Meanwhile, a batch of new equipments are added to realize redundant functions and reduce failure rate.

Requirements Analysis

1. Tongsan Express passes through the coastal area of Southeast China, the toll stations are exposed to the extreme environment long-term, the devices need to be equipped with dust proof, damp proof, lightning protection, explosion proof, extreme temperature adaptation, corrosion resistance and interference resistance features.

2. Tongsan Expressway starts from Shanghai Anting Interchange and stops at Xinnong Town in Jinshan District, the overall length is 46.335 kilometre. The devices need to support long-distance and high efficient transmission requirements.

3. The traffic of the toll stations is very heavy, the location of the toll lane and video monitoring system devices are fragmented. So it needs high reliability, strong real time and high stability of networking.

Solution Introduction

According to the field environmental condition and actual application requirements, 3onadata provides customer network architecture solution with the managed din-rail industrial Ethernet switches. Without change the original devices’ layout, the video monitoring system, voice intercom system and charging system are managed as a whole. The entire network is connected by gigabit fiber, the collected data can be uploaded to the server and client at the end of the computer room easily, which realize two-way communication between toll collection station and monitoring center.

This solution meets all requirements in the field. The smart managed switches support device fault management and intelligent network management, make the network more flexible and convenient, and realize the long-distance, high efficient and anti-interference network transmission. Thus the business handling efficiency and service level are both improved.

Application Effect

1.Ring Redundancy

This solution adopts SW-Ring patent technology, fault quickly self-repairing with zero packet loss. It enhances the reliability of equipment and network  greatly and realizes high efficient transmission easily.

2.Intelligent Management

Built in the Web and Telnet management function, and visualized the configuration interface, it can realize the central management for fragmented devices through the internet.

3.Wide Temperature Operation

3onedata managed din-rail industrial Ethernet switches has strong EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility), it can work in -40~75℃working environment.

4.Fault Warning

The smart managed switches support fault warning function, the operation and maintenance staff can response quickly, and keep the network devices run steady.

Application Field

Related Products

10-port Managed Din-rail Industrial Ethernet Switch

This switch adopts environmental no-fan design, supports eight 100M electrical interfaces and two 1000M optical interfaces.

With Web and Telnet management function, the switch can create MAC address learning and aging automatically. It will alarm when there’s an unit exception and provide customers stable industrial communication solution.

With its leading industry technology and high quality communication products, 3onedata is deeply recognized and trusted by customers in smart transit industry. In the future, we will insist customer-centric and innovation-driven, continue to provide reliable and efficient products and solutions for road traffic safety.

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