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Chia sẻ trường hợp hệ thống PIS tàu điện ngầm Hefei

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Chia sẻ trường hợp hệ thống PIS tàu điện ngầm Hefei

Project Context
Hefei is the capital and largest city of Anhui Province in China. A prefecture-level city, it is the political, economic, and cultural center of Anhui. The line 2 of heifei metro is the backbone line in the east and west direction, which is of great significance to guide and promote the development of hefei high-tech zone and science city. As the capital city of anhui province, the successful construction of line 2 of hefei metro has also played a leading and exemplary role in the development of rail transit.


Hefei is a hilly city, the Jianghuai watershed runs across the whole territory from west to east, the main urban area slopes from northwest to southeast. The complex landform makes it more difficult to construct the metro.


Project Requirement
1. PIS system is the most intuitive information interaction platform between metro operation center and passengers. Data transmission should be stable and real-time to ensure seamless connection of information resources.
2. In order to meet the needs of stream media playing, it needs to adopt port aggregation technology. The networking mode is flexible and easy to extend, and the system structure can be arranged in multiple ways according to different requirements.
3. Because of the complex landform, the communication products should meet the limitation standards for vibration, wide temperature, humidity and power supply system, and should avoid the reduction of communication quality caused by electromagnetic interference.
4. With a high speed train passing through underground tunnels, communication equipment should meet the standards of high reliability, low fault rate and easy maintenance.
3onedata Solution
According to the actual operating environment of the line 2 of hefei metro, 3onedata has created a professional, efficient, stable and reliable industrial communication solution. The vehicle-mounted PIS system of the line 2 of hefei metro adopts two 3onedata rail transit board card switches, and the data transmission is carried out on the trunk link by means of port aggregation, providing high reliable network connection. The main link uses port aggregation for data transmission and provides high-reliable network connection.

Solution Diagram

The rail transit board card switches of 3onedata has advantages of high integration, strong real-time performance and high utilization rate of bandwidth, and the networking mode is flexible. It realizes the seamless connection between PIS system and communication equipment.
Solution Application Effect
1. Rail transit board card switches adopted in the scheme supports dual-way transmission, doesn’t need manual configuration, and meets the stringent requirements for communication equipment in the vehicle-mounted closed environment.
2. The main communication network adopts digital transmission technology to solve the problem of weak signal anti-interference ability and guarantee the smooth broadcast of stream media.
3. With port aggregation technology, the traffic is distributed evenly on multiple links, which can share the load and enhance the stability and security of the network.

Program Application Site

With advanced technology and rich experience, 3onedata develops personalized communication plan for the line 2 of hefei metro, enabling the PIS system to operate efficiently in a complex environment. The opening of line 2 marks that Hefei’s urban rail transit has stepped into a new level!

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