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Hệ thống giám sát lái xe

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Hệ thống giám sát lái xe
With the rapid development of economy and the demand of life, more and more people buy small cars. The importance of motor vehicles for the economy and life directly led to the growth of the demand for motor vehicle driving technology training services, driver’s license training has become popular skill training. Usually test venues lack corresponding self maintenance and upgrade the system’s capacity, once the system problems, customers need to be completely dependent on their suppliers to provide after-sales service to solve the problem. Therefore, the customer needs the supplier to provide stable, safe, reliable products and timely after-sales service. Test system for network reliability, real-time, security and stability of the more stringent requirements. Therefore, we launched the industrial grade Ethernet switch network products suitable for the application environment for driving test system.
Project requirements
The driving test system for network reliability, real-time, security and stability requirements; Electromagnetic interference; Sun exposure; Snow, rain, sand and other bad weather; Complex road environment simulation; Vehicle bumps, long-term frequent use.
System Diagram
Scheme introduction
This scheme mainly uses Shenzhen 3onedata Industrial Ethernet switch designed. On vehicle driving test system launched special products IES215, in the vehicle using the switch data acquisition and communication, small volume, strong shock proof performance, high performance to price ratio to ensure reliable transmission.
Scheme advantage
The switch uses industrial grade design, no fan, low power consumption, support for -40~75℃ working temperature, metal shell, IP30 protection class.
Strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference.
With shock resistance and impact resistance.
Support 12~48VDC wide voltage power supply input.
·Support 5 port 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet
·Support IEEE802.3/802.3u store and forward
·Support Ethernet 10/100M self-adaption
·12~48VDC wide voltage power supply input
·No fan, low consumption design, -40~75℃ working temperature
·IP40 protection, high strength metal shell, DIN rail mount
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