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Bộ chuyển đổi 16 cổng RS-232/485/422 sang 2 cổng Ethernet 3Onedata NP5100-2T-16DI(3IN1)-RJ

Model : NP5100-2T-16DI(3IN1)-RJ
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Support 16/32 3IN1 serial port to 2 10/100Base-T(X) self-adaptive Ethernet interface

Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client and other operating modes

Support dual power supply 85~265VAC wide voltage input range

Support -40~ 75℃ wide temperature operation

Support optional OLED display, device information could be configured

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Bộ chuyển đổi 16 cổng RS-232/485/422 sang 2 cổng Ethernet 3Onedata NP5100-2T-16DI(3IN1)-RJ

NP5100 series are the safe serial networking server that can make serial device be equipped with networking capability instantly and centrally manage the scattered serial devices and hosts via network. This product supports 16/32 RS-232/485/422 serial ports to 2 100M Ethernet copper ports. It adopts rack mounting to meet the requirements of different application scenes.

Serial device server supports multiple network protocols, such as TCP, UDP, TELNET, ARP, ICMP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SNTP, DNS and DHCP protocol. It also possesses complete management functions, including Access Control, Rapid Configuration, Online Upgrading and so on. Each serial port supports 4 TCP or UDP session connections, and it also supports TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client work modes and TELNET, WEB and SSHD access modes. Furthermore, supplied management configuration tool based on Windows platform can guide the user to manage and configure the device, achieving immediate networking of serial device via simple settings. It can provide users with good experience with friendly design of network management system interface, simple and convenient operation.

This product supports optional OLED display, which could conduct IP address configuration without using external device. The SD card design of this device can achieve software upgrade. Hardware adopts fanless, low power consumption, wide temperature and voltage design and has passed rigorous industrial standard tests, which can adapt to the industrial scene environment with harsh requirements for EMC. It can be widely used in custom checkpoint system, smart gas station, data center and industrial automation, etc.

Features and Benefits

 Support 2 10/100Base-T(X) self-adaptive Ethernet interfaces and provide dual IP and MAC addresses to meet the requirements of multi-network management or network backups

 Support 300bps-115200bps line speed and non-blocking communication

 Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client and other operating modes

 Support OLED display that could configure device IP address

 Support cross-gateway and cross-router communication

 Support multiple hosts polling mode, which allows multiple hosts to access the same serial port

 Support delimiter matching communication, achieving various demands for serial port packaging

 Support FIFO, compatible with various old type terminal devices

 Support IP address and MAC address filtering, which can achieve accurate access control easily

 Support graded user management to implement humanized authority management

 Support serial port status, parameters and error information monitoring, ensuring the communication status be clear at a glance

 Support RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR and XON/XOFF flow control

 Compatible with various virtual serial port management software

 Support virtual serial port drive access mode and automatic connection recovery after network interruption

 Flexible serial port data framing setting, which can satisfy user’s various demands for data packets segmentation

 Support standard TCP/IP SOCKET application access

 TCP supports multi-connection, which allows maximum 4 users to monitor or manage the serial device simultaneously

 UDP supports single machine or multi-machine communication, which allows multiple users to monitor or manage the serial device simultaneously

 Support multiple configuration forms like Windows configuration tool, TELNET, SSHD and WEB

 SSHD and HTTPS configuration can guarantee the access security of data

 Support multiple alarm methods, including e-mail alarm, log alarm and system alarm

 Support multiple alarm events including power supply connection, warm start, cold start, DCD and DSR

 Conduct network diagnosis and troubleshooting via Ping and Traceroute

 Support ARP function, which can prevent communication interrupt caused by the switch and router aging the MAC address of serial server 

Ethernet Port  

Standard: 10Base-T, 100Base-TX


Rate: 10/100M Automatic Flow Control, MDI/MDI-X Autotunning

Interface form: RJ45

Interface quantity: 2

Duplex mode: Full/Half Duplex Mode Self-adaptive 

Work mode: 4 sessions, support work modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server and UDP Client


Serial Port  

Standard: EIA RS-232C, RS-485, RS-422

Quantity of serial port: 16/32 3IN1 serial ports

RS-232 signal: RXD, TXD, DTR, GND, DSR, RTS, CTS, DCD

RS-485 signal: D+, D-, GND

RS-422 signal: T+, T-, GND, R+, R-

Baud rate: 300~115200bps

Data bit: 5bit, 6bit, 7bit, 8bit

Parity bit: None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark

Stop bit: 1bit, 1.5bit, 2bit

Interface form: RJ45

Flow control: RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR, XON/XOFF

Direction control: RS-485 direction adopts Automatic Data Direction Control (ADDC)

Load capacity: RS-485/422 end supports 32 points polling (customizable 128 points)

Transmission distance: RS-232, 15m; RS-485/422, 1200m

Pull high/low resistor for RS-485: 4.7kΩ

Electromagnetic isolation strength: 1kVDC



Console port


CLI command line management port (RS-232), RJ45

WEB configuration management, TELNET configuration, Windows configuration tool, SSHD configuration



Classification of User Permissions, IP address filtering, MAC address filtering, HTTP/HTTPS console, TELNET console





Power supply indicator, Ethernet port indicator, serial port indicator, running indicator





85~265VAC dual power supply redundancy, AC power supply socket with switch





No-load: 5.6W@220VAC

Full-load: 13.2W@220VAC





Operating temperature: -40~75℃

Storage temperature:-40~85℃

Relative humidity: 5%~95%(no condensation)





Housing: IP40 protection, metal

Installation: rack mounting

Dimension (W x H x D): 440mm×44mm×265.6mm

Weight: 3.04kg





IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD, electrostatic discharge), Level 4

Air discharge: ±15kV

Contact discharge: ±8kV

IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT, electrical fast transient), Level 4

Power supply: ±4kV

Ethernet port: ±2kV

Serial port: ±2kV

IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge), Level 4

Power supply: common mode±4kV, differential mode±2kV

Network port: common mode±4kV, differential mode±2kV

Serial port: common mode±4kV, differential mode±2kV

Shock: IEC 60068-2-27

Free fall: IEC 60068-2-32

Vibration: IEC 60068-2-6






3 years


NP5100 Series Datasheet_20200427

Available Models 100M Ethernet port 3IN1(RS-232/485/422) OLED Display Power Supply
NP5100-2T-32DI(3IN1)-RJ-OLED 2 32 1 85~265VAC

dual power supply

NP5100-2T-32DI(3IN1)-RJ 2 32
NP5100-2T-16DI(3IN1)-RJ-OLED 2 16 1
NP5100-2T-16DI(3IN1)-RJ 2 16
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