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Recommended | Dedicated to high-definition video surveillance Smart Managed Ethernet Switches IES7110-2GS

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With the rapid development of social and economic security industry reflects the increasingly important role of influence and, in particular, peace promotion and application of the city, police training and technology, security and other government demonstration on campus construction projects, mainly in video surveillance security products showed large-scale, ultra-normalized momentum of development. Therefore, intelligent, high-definition, IP and other technology in the monitoring system will be the inevitable trend of development of the security industry.


To meet the video surveillance IP network, development of market demand for high-definition, 3onedata launched a self-developed specifically for the monitoring of intelligent design industry managed industrial Ethernet switches –IES7110-2GS. The product is a high-performance, cost-effective high-end smart Fast Managed Switch, with excellent performance and a variety of industrial intelligent network management functions, can provide large capacity monitoring system, high-bandwidth, high-speed data transmission, to create a real-time, secure and reliable communications solutions.

IES7110-2GS is a high-end smart Managed Fast Ethernet Switch rail industry. The switch provides eight 10 / 100Base-T (X) and two 1000Base-FX (SFP slot). (Network fault recovery <20ms) which uses a self-developed SW-Ring Ring technology users can easily set the redundant ring network to increase network reliability, in addition IES7110-2GS also supports a variety of network management functions, such as 802.1 Q VLAN, QoS functions, IGMP multicast static port trunking, port mirroring. The product also fanless, low power, industrial design, -40 ~ 75 ℃ operating temperature range, can adapt to the harsh environment to meet various industrial requirements of the site, to provide economic solutions.

Product Features:

Excellent industrial properties

Four industrial design, IP40 grade protection, -40 ~ 75 ℃ operating temperature, can meet a variety of industrial site work requirements; at the same time DIN rail mounting, installation and post maintenance more convenient.

Easily set redundant ring

Support SW-Ring Ring redundancy patented technology, can support multiple ring network, network failure recovery time <20ms, the user can easily set the redundant ring network, increase network reliability.

Rich intelligent network management functions

Support IGMP Snooping, RSTP, SNMP, 802.1Q VLAN, QOS, port trunking, port mirroring, network management functions, which can effectively improve network bandwidth utilization; also supports Web, Telnet management, visual management more intuitive and convenient.

Dual redundant power design

It supports two redundant power inputs, all the way when the power fails, the power switch seamlessly to lead the way, greatly improving the reliability and stability of the system. Another support 1 channel alarm output, the alarm function can be achieved abnormal state.

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