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Ingenious creating | build a highly reliable redundant ring communication network

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In the face of serious electromagnetic interference, complex and harsh working environment, the stability of ordinary business switches and reliability will be a great challenge, can not effectively guarantee the stability of the entire network system to run. Therefore, the deployment of industrial performance, with high reliability, security and stability of industrial switches in order to better adapt to the complex work environment, to provide more stable and reliable data transmission to meet the network needs of the system.

Therefore, as a professional provider of industrial communications equipment, 3onedata launched a series of independent research and development of IES7120-4GS Industrial Ethernet switches, the series including IES7120-4GS, IES7120-4GS-2F and IES7120-4GS-4F three models, It not only has better functional properties than ordinary commercial switches, such as rate control, VLAN, QOS, broadcast storm suppression, and more resistant to high and low temperature, shock and interference, power redundancy, without fan low power design does not have the industrial characteristics. The following three to come for everyone to elaborate on the series of 3onedata communication IES7120-4GS series of industrial Ethernet switches superior performance.



Industrial-grade quality, to create a reliable transmission network


1. In terms of design

3onedata IES7120-4GS series of industrial switches with high-strength corrugated metal casing, industrial four standard design, with IP40 protection class, with a strong anti-corrosion anti-corrosion ability to ensure that the work site a variety of harsh environments sexual requirements. Compact and exquisite appearance design, but also easy to install and deploy in a variety of application environments.

2. In terms of access ports

The series offers 20 Ethernet ports, with a wealth of port combinations. The IES7120-4GS-2F is equipped with 16 10Base-T / 100Base-TX Ethernet electrical ports and 4 Gigabit SFP slot optical interfaces. 100Base-FX optical port and four Gigabit SFP slot optical ports; IES7120-4GS-4F carrying 12 10Base-T / 100Base-TX Ethernet electrical port, four 100Base-FX optical ports and four Gigabit SFP plug Slot optical port. At the same time, all electrical ports support automatic flow control, full / half duplex mode and MDI / MDI-X adaptive, flexible access, to meet a variety of work site networking requirements.


3. In terms of power supply

This series of products adopt redundant dual power supply design, support two redundant power supply (12 ~ 48VDC) input. When one power supply fails, it can seamlessly switch to another standby power source to ensure the normal operation of the switch. appear. At the same time the power supply supports polarity and built-in over-current 4.0A protection, and support a relay alarm output, when the power supply failure exception, you can achieve abnormal status alarm function, effectively guarantee the stable operation of network equipment.

4. In terms of management function

3onedata IES7120-4GS series of industrial switches support a wide range of intelligent network management functions, such as GMRP, IGMP Snooping and static multicast filtering, SNMP V1 / V2c / V3, 802.1Q VLAN, QOS, port aggregation, port mirroring and other network management functions; Also supports Web, Telnet management capabilities, visual management interface allows users to use more intuitive and convenient.


5. In terms of performance configuration

This series of industrial switches with international mainstream industrial-grade high-performance CPU, can easily ensure that the equipment of industrial-grade switching performance. Series products have 12.8Gbps switching bandwidth, 148810pps Fast forward speed, 1488100pps Gigabit forwarding speed, 4M cache size and 8KMAC address table. At the same time support MAC address automatic learning, automatic aging and port data frame statistics, with efficient data flow processing capabilities to ensure data transmission reliability.

6. In terms of networking mode

The series of switches are supported SW-Ring ring patented technology, network fault self-recovery time <20ms.While supporting RSTP, can achieve 50ms level link protection switching. The rich ring redundancy, can make the system network has a faster link failure recovery speed to protect the stability of the network. And can support single ring, double ring, coupling ring, link ring and other ring features, allowing users to easily set up redundant ring network, user-friendly.

7. In terms of installation

As an industrial grade switch, 3onedata IES7120-4GS series has the characteristics of small size, and equipped with rail bolt, screw slot, can achieve the standard DIN rail, wall, etc. installation, flexible installation, enabling rapid deployment of equipment In a variety of work sites.

8. In terms of industrial performance

The series of switches with fanless design, eliminating the general structure of the cooling device holes on the shell, instead of using one of the corrugated metal shell to help shape the cooling. At the same time to meet the data exchange rate under the premise of the use of low-power design, the internal structure of the equipment on the transformation and upgrading, so that the processing chip with lower power consumption, but also effectively enhance the device resistance to high temperature performance, In the -40 ℃ -70 ℃ extreme applications can also work under normal circumstances.

3onedata IES7120-4GS series of industrial switches have a strong environmental adaptability and performance configuration, not only has IP40 protection level, redundant dual power input, energy security, can withstand the extreme temperatures of the cold extreme test, and has a wealth of intelligent network management functions , More easily to network equipment management, redundant ring network is also outstanding performance, fully able to meet the electricity, transportation, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other industries under complex network system set up tasks for a variety of industrial site Network requirements to provide a reliable network solutions.

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