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Fiber Optic Converter of 3onedata sparkle in Universiade Shenzhen 2011

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New Products from 3onedata take part in “innovative prize EDN China 2011 ” Selection

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EDN China is one of the professional magazine who focus on electricity. It published the first magazine in America in 1956. The target is electronic system designer and R&D manager.
Innovative prize of EDN was founded in America, which aims to commend outstanding product or person which make special contribute to electronic engineering every year. In 2005, EDN  China bring this prize to China and get passionate response.
3onedata strongly recommend IEM608 to compete this prize of EDN China and hope we can have extraordinary performance during this selection. Your vote to us will be highly appreciated.

Deputy director Liu from Science & Technology Bureau come and visit our company

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Deputy director Liu Shiming visit quality control line.

 Deputy director Liu Shiming see our products.

 Lately Deputy director Liu Shiming(called Liu for short) came from Science & Technology Bureau come and visit our company accompanied by General Manager.

     Liu and the general manager come to visit quality control line and listen to the general manager’s report about product development, safety management and the future plan. Liu speaks highly of our work and hope we will do better in the future.

Speech contest about what we have learnt in the training

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The first prize winner

The second prize winner

The third prize winner

The fourth prize winner

The fifth prize winner

Big Family of 3onedata

Speech Contest about what have you learn from outdoor training

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Dear my fellow colleague,
Outdoor training has finished on last Saturday. Everyone must have some thoughts about what we have learn t from this activity and how to use it to make our job better. So we decide to make speech contest about what we have learnt in this training. Please find the following detailed content.

1. Type  Speech Contest
2. Requirement
1) please notice your department, name and time on the top of your article;
2) everyone in the company need to hand in a article, character range:300-1200.
3)Please send the article into the email below,

Shenzhen 3onedata Technology Co.,Ltd.

Product technical seminar in Zhuhai

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Product technical seminar in Zhuhai

In April, Shenzhen 3onedata Technology Co.,Ltd started her National Products Exhibition Tour in 2012 and the first exhibition was held in Zhuhai—a beautiful coastal city in China.Many department leaders and technicians from related sectors of power industry in Zhuhai were invited to participate in the seminar together. The Product department exhibited 3onedata Technology’s solutions and latest products information in Power Industry and organized comprehensive communications and interactive activities. These activities was highly appreciated and won much applause. Participants, together with the organizers created an “Ethernet switch” technology products feast.

Through the communication activities in Zhuhai, not only powerfully show that 3onedata Technology adhered to Technological Innovation for the lead, and sensitively grasped the industry needs, but also gave clients the chance to feel the company’s strong R&D capability and unusual product performance without distance to further consolidate the market position of the 3onedata brand.

3onedata sparkle in the 12th International Southern China Industrial automation control fair

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3onedata sparkle in the 12th International Southern China Industrial automation control fair

On 25th June 2008,the 12th International Southern China Industrial automation control fair was held in Pengcheng. 3onedata took part in this fair with latest technical products.

3onedata displayed their Industrial data communication products in this fair. Among these products,Industrial Ethernet series draw so much attention. Like IEM7010 and IES1026G which are best seller among these ones.with the help of this kind product,the designers can be released from complex product design because it can solve any complex problems of network transmission.

3onedata will hold the purpose of providing data communication products with the best capabilities,and insist on quality first ,credit first, service first to provide better products to consumers.

12th International Metro, Light Rail and Intercity high-speed railway Exhibition

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3onedata Technology Guangzhou 12th International Metro, Light Rail and Intercity high-speed railway Exhibition

Guangzhou held the 12th International Metro, Light Rail and Intercity high-speed railway Exhibition from 3rd to 5th June, 2008 in China. In the exhibition, 3onedata Technology’s unique booth design, high technology and great potential products have attracted home and abroad clients.

Over the past few years, 3onedata Technology has been concentrating on technology research, and its popularity is rapidly increasing with its rapid development. On this exhibition,3onedata Technology booth has attracted many visitors, including its users, its potential users and the media friends who care and support 3onedata Technology.

3onedata Technology has won public interest. During the exhibition, 3onedata Technology show a full range of products including the latest products to the majority of colleagues, such as industrial Ethernet switches, serial networking servers, protocol converters and other products.

3onedata take part in international industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition

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June 4th 2008, 3onedata participated in international industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition in Shanghai Guangda Expro center. In this exhibition,3onedata with the top of the communications industry solutions, Industrial Ethernet Switch and Serial Device Network Server products shine on stage.

3onedata is industry leader and pioneer of the communications industry. 3onedata since its foundation in 2000 devotes to research and development of the telecommunications industry.after nearly 10 years of sedimentation and accumulation,3onedata now own a complete set of industrial communication solutions and all products have independent intellectual property rights.

In the 12th International industrial automation and control technology exhibition, we display the main products of 1000 Trillion Industrial ethernet switches, Serial Device Network Server series ,Optical media converters , these advanced products have draw much  attention of many professionals internal and external.

Deals 6 year anniversary of the establishment of the company HLC., JSC

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From 20th – 22th April 2012, the 5th Intellectual Substation Technology Forum was held in Xi’an.

   This forum focus on Electric Power, Electric Power Detection, Electric Power System, electrical,etc. Another part is about intellectual substation. At last some famous companies in electric power field shared their new technologies.










Well-known professor Yinghao Zhu was giving a speech





Our booth in the fair



   In this forum, 3onedata displayed embedded industrial ethernet switch modules which was very impressed by many professors there in the forum.