Surveillance System of Communication Cable Inflator

  Date: 2013-10-02    click times: 1295  

  Communication cable inflator will input the compressed air, which is filtered, dried, and regulated, to cable to protect the cable from moisture intrusion. By observing the cable’s inflatable flow in time we can know the extent of damaged cable and this is of importance to keep the communication line smooth.

    Main ports of cable inflator are RS232 and Modem port. Former program communicates through telephone lines that the communication speed is slow and instable. Nowadays, people connect the server via Ethernet, manage and monitor the cable inflator condition and the condition of communications cable pressure.

The application of 3onedata serial device servers can easily upload the information of inflator to the monitor center, which achieves the network management and unmanned real-time monitoring of the whole system and reduce the management cost.